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The most common questions, terms and abbreviations about the coronavirus.

Abbreviations related to the coronavirus

2G, 3G, FPP2? Terms and abbreviations relating to the coronavirus explained simply, briefly and succinctly.

What does 2G mean?

2G means that you have either been vaccinated against coronavirus or have recently recovered from corona disease. You are considered to have recovered for 6 months.

What does 2.5G mean?

Its similar as 2G, you either have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recovered from coronavirus, but a current PCR test is also valid.

What does 2G Plus / 2G + mean?

2G Plus or 2G + means either you're been vaccinated or recovered, but a valid PCR test is also required.

What does 3G mean?

The 3G's stand for vaccinated, recovered or tested. Both test variants are allowed for the test, antigen or a PCR test.

What is a PCR test?

The PCR test is a laboratory test that detects the genetic makeup of the coronavirus. This can be detected in the early phase of an infection. The evaluation in the laboratory takes 4 to 5 hours longer than an antigen test, but it is more accurate.

What is an antigen test?

The antigen test (also called self-test / home test) is a simple variant that detects a high coronavirus load with a swab from the nasopharynx. Particularly highly contagious people can be identified quickly. During the test, the test strip reacts with the protein components of the virus .

What does the abbreviation MNS stand for?

MNS stands for mouth and nose protection and is also known as a surgical mask. The mask reduces the transmission of pathogens via droplet infection.

What does the abbreviation FFP2 stand for?

The FFP2 mask is a half mask which, depending on the version, protects us from inhaling particles. It is also known as a fine dust mask. FFP stands for 'Filtering Face Piece', the number 2 describes the protective effect and the leakage of the mask.